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Living today for tomorrow's generation
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    Happy Earth Day! What better way to celebrate Earth Day (and for those of us in Minnesota to forget that it’s snowing again) than starting seeds to plant a garden? So here we go… Seed Starting 101 1.  Wash your hands.  This feels like an oxymoron. Wash your hands before getting them dirty?  In this […]


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    Timing.  It can mean making it big or missing it all.  It can mean coming in with the choir or sticking out like a sore thumb. Timing, in so many areas of our lives can “make it or break it”.  Timing in the garden isn’t quite as cut and dry as other situations in life, […]


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    After a little stretch of nice weather (upper 70s) in the Twin Cities, snow and Winter Storm Warnings are again in the forecast, so let’s get back to the alphabet, shall we? We were all born with two of the best garden tools ever.  No, not our hands.  Our eyes.  Although it might make for […]


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  • 06/17/13--22:24: Urban Farm Update
  • Back in April I introduced you to my bare front yard and the beginning of my urban farm. Quite a bit of time has passed since then and there’s been a lot going on, so let’s see how far we’ve come, shall we? As I was waiting for spring to come and mulling over the […]


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  • 07/09/13--21:10: Rise With The Son
  • My son is an early riser. He has been since the day he was born, nearly nine years ago. And every day since then I have cringed that he’s an early riser. That is, until today. You see, today we started harvesting from our little farm in the city, the little urban farm, the front […]


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  • 07/21/13--20:07: Dismembered
  • As I was doing my daily walk through in the garden today, checking for ripe or ripening fruits and veggies, signs of insects, and the need for water, I noticed some wilted squash vines. My stomach fell. I kept looking, scanning all of the squash vines trying to figure out how many got hit. I […]


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    I don’t want to be the one to break the news, but we have about 55 days left until our average first frost hits the Twin Cities.  Now before you get mad at me for mentioning frost, keep in mind that I’m actually trying to give you good news.  That means it’s time to do […]


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    Brrr… It’s been more like September or October the past couple of days, with our cool, wet, windy days and chilly nights. But more than it being out of character for a summer day, it has an effect on our veggies too. I’ll make this short and to the point, the Twin Cities are expected […]


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  • 07/28/13--19:41: Cover Thy Buds
  • Another cool night is forecasted for the Twin Cities, lows are to hit 52 degrees tomorrow around 6:00 a.m. Grab some plastic or (row) covers and pull them up over your plants. Just like last night, if you live in the Twin Cities you need to Protect your tomatoes, peppers and eggplants tonight!. Make a […]


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    Petunias, ya either love ‘em or hate ‘em.  When I was a kid petunias were big flowers offered in a handful of colors: red, white, purple and pink, or at least that’s what I remember.  My mom used to plant them in our window box on the front of our house every year.  I remember […]

    walnutsandpearsIMAG4864Prune HerePruned StemwalnutsandpearsIMAG4864Prune HerePruned Stem

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  • 09/17/13--20:09: Urban Farm September Update
  • I checked my blog today to see when I last posted about my Urban Farm project. June?  No!  I must have posted something since then, I thought to myself.  I surfed a little and realized that sure enough, the last you heard I planted 40 straw bales in my front yard. Well, shame on me!  […]


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  • 05/13/15--08:31: Before you spray…
  • A Scott’s sales rep came to the door yesterday telling me he could spray to kill all of the dandelions and other weeds in our yard, fertilize the lawn and spray to get rid of all of the mosquitoes. I politely told him, “No thank you. I don’t mind them and am actually growing plants […]


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    Have you ever taken an unplanned vacation?  Just dropped everything and took off?  Me neither.  That’s what it feels like having left this blog behind though.  Maybe vacation is the wrong word for it. Life got a little crazy.  Amazing how a new little one can cause a hiccup in how things operate, isn’t it?  […]


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  • 05/11/16--13:40: Custard and Pawpaw Trees
  • When we first got chickens I couldn’t wait for our hens to lay eggs, not because I love eggs and toast but because I LOVE custard! I couldn’t wait to make a custard pie with fresh eggs. Writing those words (custard pie) makes me drool. Mmmm… I can smell it baking, I can practically taste […]


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    Sometimes we can dream, make plans and see our dreams come to fruition, but then a couple of cats come along and sabotage our dreams in a flash. As a landscape designer, I’ve been trained to try and plan for everything when designing a site; accessibility, location, exposure, sight lines, potential hazards, storage, screening, water, […]